Preston Cannabis Club Takes Home Secretary Back To Court

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Preston Cannabis Club is again taking the Home Secretary to court. For more than two years we have been fighting for a Cannabis licence for our members. We have always believed in our right to have a licence and are now asking all other UK Cannabis Social Clubs to join the fight.

When we first applied for our licence, the Home Secretary said there were no circumstances under which he would consider issuing a Cannabis licence. We have now seen the Home Office make a dramatic U Turn with 2018 seeing the first Home Office Licences for Cannabis being issued. Yet he still refuse to even READ our application!!

So we have today written to Mr Javid to put him on Notice that we are taking him to court under Judicial Review

Home Secretary does a U Turn on Cannabis

What do we hope to achieve?

The last time we took the Home Secretary to court on this issue, he said no licences would EVER be issued. We all now know that the Home Secretary has made a U turn on this decision.

So, we will be applying to the High Court for an order to compel the Home Secretary to deal with our application properly in accordance with the Law. He can no longer defend his position by saying “we do not issue licences under any circumstances..”

When we succeed, the Home Office will have to issue us and any other Clubs with a licence.

What are we doing it for?

It is our long held belief that the Cannabis market in the UK can and should be regulated. As the Government continually remind us they “…have no plans to legalise cannabis for recreational use”. We see this as a cry for help. So PCC is providing the plan for them!

PCC represents consenting adults who have made a choice to consume Cannabis. From the start we have argue that we as citizens have a constitutional right to a Home Office licence.

Our model will see massive reductions in crime with an increase in Public Revenue through taxation. From what you, the people, have been telling us this is exactly what you want your Government to do for you.

PCC is a members club and a none profit organization. We do not stand to make any money from our licence

Calling all UK CSC

Over the past 5 years, the UK has seen a huge increase in the number of Cannabis Clubs setting up. Most, if not all, follow the model laid down by the UK Cannabis Social Club (UKCSC). The UK CSC is campaigning for the right for people to grow at home. We believe this is a complete waste of time without applying for a licence.

We are pleased that we now see the UKCSC flagship Club, the Teesside Cannabis Club, calling for licencing.

PCC model is focused on consumers and NOT producers. This is why we do not campaign for the right to grow, we campaign for the right to consume. It is important to us a a club that we make this clear. As the Cannabis market becomes more relaxed more people are going to want to make money from it. That money will come from you; the consumer.

PCC is the ONLY Cannabis Club that fights solely for consumer rights.

We are now asking the UKCSC and all their affiliate clubs to join with us in our Judicial Review so that we can put public safety and consumer rights at the top of the agenda!

How you can help

Become a member. As a Full Member we can better represent you and your interests. You membership fees will help towards the cost of litigation and licensing.

Make a donation. If you are not in our area but would still like to support our efforts then please make a small donation. Please remember we are a none profit so all the money donated goes towards helping our members.

If you would like your Club to join with us then dont delay, contact us today!!

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