What is Preston Cannabis Club?

PCC is an internet-based, Private Members club that facilitates the lawful sale and consumption of Cannabis products in the UK. Founded in 2016, PCC is now fully incorporated as PRESTON CC Limited (10395745). We are a non-profit organization that exists solely for the benefit of our Members. Our Registered Office is based at a Chartered Accountants so you can assure that PCC is 100% legitimate and transparent.

Preston has an 800 year old history of running a regulated market. It was first granted licence to hold a market in the town by Henry II in 1179. At this time, it was unlawful for anybody to engage in buying and selling at a Market without permission from the King. The Royal Charter that was granted to Preston over 800 years ago was issued in accordance with the same rule of law that we still live under to this day. In exactly the same way and in accordance with the same law PCC is asserting its constitutional right to engage in activities that can and should be licenced by the crown still to this day. Through the ancient process of Judicial Review we are attempting to compel the Secretary of State for the Home Department to recognize and support our Constitutional Rights.

It is our goal to set the standards for a responsible, ethically focused Cannabis Market.

Who are we?

The Board of PCC consists of Mr Michael Dobson who is the founder and acting CEO. Mr Dobson established the Club with the sole purpose of offering Cannabis consumers a facility by which they can purchase Cannabis products lawfully. With a business back ground gained from running his own Classic Car restoration business, he also has an extensive knowledge of the UK constitution and the legal processes required to challenge public authorities by way of Judicial Review.

Miss Abigail Bodilly is a an executive director and the Clubs Secretary. A keen supporter of Medical Cannabis, Miss Bodilly has taken a year out from studying a Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences degree at the University of Central Lancashire. When asked why she wanted to be involved with PCC she had this to say “.. because you don’t need permission to make history!”

PCC Board of Directors, picture taken in Preston City centre next to the monument to commemorate the granting of Preston’s Market Charter by Henry II

What we do

PCC is offering a service to our Full Members so they may lawfully purchase and consume a range of Cannabis products. What we’re doing is establishing an online Cannabis Dispensary as well as acting on the behalf of our Full Members for the purchasing and administration of a Home Office Licence.

The Licence we have already applied for will be subscribed to by our Full Members. PCCs Membership Registrar has the duty of keeping and maintaining a statutory register of all those who are under the Licence.

How we do it?

Inside the PCC Dispensary

Our business model utilizes the provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. In accordance with statutory regulations PCC has developed an internet-based system for the registration and regulation of those wishing to become licenced Cannabis consumers.

Full Members have access to our secure online Cannabis Dispensary where they will be able to access a range of high quality, regulated and licenced products. All of the products available to our Full Members will be offered for sale by an Approved Licenced Supplier (ALS).

The ALS will, under licence, produce and supply the Cannabis products directly to our members. PCC will NOT purchase and distribute any products itself. This unique system has been developed in conjunction with CannaBliss®; our first ALS.

CannaBliss® products will be supplied in accordance with a strict Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance Process. Thus ensuring the highest quality products whilst maintaining an ethical approach to Harm Reduction.

Furthermore, all of our own Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are focused on diversion and harm reduction; the two main points of contention over issuing us our licence. By applying a rigorous set of Polices and SOPs we can ensure our compliance at every level.

Below are some of the Conditions we have applied for with our licence:

  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • All products must comply with a strict testing regime with analytical data supplied with every purchase.
  • A maximum weekly allowance of 25 grams or Herbal Cannabis or 15 grams of Cannabis Extracts or Resin.
  • Consumption in private ONLY.
  • A register of members details and account purchases.
  • All orders dispatched from the secure facility of an ALS and delivered by registered mail.

Safe, Regulated and Legal; the common sense approach.

Harm Reduction Policy

Core to our ethos is a Harm Reduction Policy. With overwhelming evidence suggesting that the current implementation of the UKs drug Policy does more to cause harm to our communities than it does to reduce it, now is the time for a new approach. At PCC we DO NOT advocate or encourage Cannabis use.

It is our goal to see our model for a regulated market rolled out across the UK. This is because we believe this is the ONLY way to reduce all the risks of harm associated with illicit Cannabis consumption. We have the support of a number of MPs, members of the Police force, Prison Officers, Medical Practitioners and many people from within our local community. The evidence speaks for its self; our approach is just plain common sense!

Why Join?

Being part of PCC provides a range of benefits for our members. Access to a legal, regulated supply of Cannabis products as an alternative to current black market is key what we do. For the first time Cannabis consumers will be able to buy in confidence knowing that their supplier can be held to account under the law!

What we don’t do

  • We are not a campaign group.
  • we do not advocate a change in the UK Drugs Law.
  • we do not advocate the decriminalization of Cannabis and we do not advocate the right to grow Cannabis at home.
  • We do not advocate the smoking of Cannabis.
  • we do not offer a Cannabis Cafe facility where members can consume their products.
  • We do not supply to the general public.

“…because you don’t need permission to make history!”

For more details about PCC, Membership and the terms and conditions attached thereto, please click here.