About Us

Founded in 2016, PCC is fully incorporated as PRESTON CC Limited (10395745). As a non-profit organization we exist solely for the benefit of our Members. The Club is an internet based organisation and all memberships are taken online. Full Membership provides a range of benefits to our members, with the main service being that of a licence application.

Full Membership is open ONLY to adults in Lancashire

Who we are

PCC was  started by a small group of friends keen to see  Regulated Cannabis Market in the UK. The Board of PCC consists of Mr Michael Dobson and Miss Abigail Bodilly.

Mr Dobson is the founder and current acting CEO.  The Club was established for the sole purpose of offering access to a legal supply of Cannabis to its members.

Miss Abigail Bodilly is an executive director and the Club Secretary. A keen supporter of Medicinal Cannabis, Miss Bodilly has taken on the task of helping PCC with the creation of its ISO Handbook.

What we do

PCC has developed a model for Cannabis regulation in the UK that is fast gaining popularity. Central to this model is our Constitution and Club Handbook which lays out the formal structure of the Club. The Handbook also includes our Policies and Standard Operating Procedure(SOP’s) which will clearly define all the functions and responsibilities within the Club. PCC is currently undergoing ISO 9001 Accreditation

The Club is only open to adults over the age of 18yr

The Club processes and retains membership information which is used in our licence application. Our website is used to keep a statutory register of members which is stored and backed up on our servers in Switzerland.

Our Club Membership Registrar will be appointed as Head Licencee and will be charged with a duty of ensuring all members are compliant with the licence.

It is our goal to set the highest standards for a responsible, ethically focused Cannabis Market.

How we do it

Preston-cannabis-club-medic al-cannabis-dispensary

Inside the PCC Dispensary

Our model is aimed at using provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. In accordance with statutory regulations, PCC has developed an internet-based system for the registration and regulation of those wishing to become licenced Cannabis consumers.

Full Members will become subscribers to our licence. This means they will be able to purchase Cannabis legally from and Approved Licence Supplier (ALS). Once your membership has been approved you will be given a unique membership ID Number. This ID will grant access to an online Cannabis Dispensary where you will be able to access regulated Cannabis products. All of the products will be offered through an Approved Licenced Supplier (ALS).

The ALS will produce and then supply the Cannabis products directly to our members via Special Delivery. PCC will NOT purchase and distribute any Cannabis products itself.

PCC is currently working with CannaBliss and Dutch Passion to help make this a reality.

We are not applying for a licence so that our members can grow there own

What you need to know

Our model is one that sees a legal regulated Cannabis market in the UK. As a member of PCC you will be expected to follow certain rules or risk having your licence revoked

Below are some of the Conditions we have applied for with our licence:

  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • All products must comply with a strict testing regime with analytical data supplied with every purchase.
  • A prescribed limit to the amount of product that can be bought or possessed
  • Consumption in private ONLY.
  • A register of members details and account purchases.
  • All orders dispatched from the secure facility of an ALS and delivered by registered mail.
  • Consumption by burning is prohibited
  • Members may be required to seek authorisation from medical professional before joining

Harm Reduction Policy

Core to our ethos is a Harm Reduction Policy. With overwhelming evidence suggesting that the current implementation of the UK’s drug Policy does more to cause harm to our communities than it does to reduce it, now is the time for a new approach. At PCC we DO NOT advocate or encourage Cannabis use; we simply offer support for those wishing to consume in order to reduce the effects of harm associated with illegal drug use.

It is our goal to see our model for a licenced regulated market rolled out across the UK. This is because we believe this is the ONLY way to reduce all the risks of harm associated with illicit Cannabis consumption. We have the support of a number of MPs, members of the Police force, Prison Officers, Medical Practitioners and many people from within our local community. The evidence speaks for its self; our approach is just plain common sense!

Join today

By being part of PCC you are not . Access to a legal, regulated supply of Cannabis products as an alternative to current black market is key what we do. For the first time Cannabis consumers will be able to buy in confidence knowing that their supplier can be held to account under the law!


United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs

In the UK there are hundreds of Cannabis Social Clubs popping up on the internet. The vast majority of these groups are affiliate with an organisation called the UK CSC or United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club.

The aim of these Cannabis Social Clubs is to see the decriminalisation of Cannabis and for their members to be able to grow at home and distribute amongst their members.

PCC is independent and not affiliated with any group or third party. Whilst we may share some similar views we do not support the ‘Right to Grow’ campaign which seeks to enable a situation where people can grow at home. We believe there are far too many risks associated with this model when there are much better options available.

What we don’t do

  • We are not a campaign group.
  • we do not advocate a change in the UK Drugs Law.
  • we do not advocate the decriminalization of Cannabis
  • we do not advocate the right to grow Cannabis at home.
  • We do not advocate the smoking of Cannabis.
  • We do not supply Cannabis.

“Safe, Regulated and Legal; the common sense approach.”

For more details about PCC, Membership and the terms and conditions attached thereto, please click here.