PCC Cannabis Dispensary is now open for new membership!

Today we are pleased to announce the relaunch of our Private Members Cannabis Dispensary website. Over the past twelve months we have been working hard to break a deadlock with the Home Office in order that we can provide our members with a licenced, regulated supply of quality Cannabis Products.

Our case has been waiting to be heard by a Lord Justice of Appeal at the High Court in London for over 6 months. We are 100% confident of our success and after much demand we have decided to open our doors to new membership.

As a new member, you will be the first in the UK to become a legalised Cannabis consumer. PCC has already secured a number of commercial agreements to ensure that our application is a success. Being a non-profit organisation, all the money we receive will go into the running of the Club and helping with our fight in the High Court.

We need your support!

Due to our model being so unique and having had no one else try this before, it’s certainly been unheard of as to how we’ve managed to get to where we are today with our licence application. Over the last 12 months we’ve had a great deal of support, but we need your help more than ever before!

Inside the PCC Cannabis Dispensary

As part of the benefits of being a Full Member, you will have access to the online PCC Cannabis Dispensary. We are hopeful that the Dispensary will be fully stocked by the end of the year. Moving forward, we intend to develop our website further with help from the feedback of our members. We would like to hear from you on what sort of products you would like to see in our dispensary.

Harm Reduction Policy

Core to our ethos is a Harm Reduction Policy. With overwhelming evidence suggesting that the current implementation of the UK’s drug Policy does more to cause harm to our communities than it does to reduce it, now is the time for a new approach. At PCC we DO NOT want to advocate or encourage Cannabis use. It is our goal to see our model for a regulated market rolled out across the UK. We believe this is the ONLY way to reduce all the risks of harm associated with illicit Cannabis consumption. Over the last 12 months we’ve gained the support of a number of MPs, members of the Police force, Prison Officers, Medical Practitioners and many people from within our local community. The evidence speaks for its self; our approach is just plain common sense!

Over the coming weeks and months we will be bringing you news articles on our progress, our commercial sponsors, and much more. Sign up today!! You will not only be helping us but securing your place in history as one of the first to take part in a legal Cannabis Market here in the UK. 

“…because you don’t need permission to make history!”


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Lee roberts · 5th February 2018 at 6:38 pm

Do u have to live in Lancashire to be able to join

    PCC · 5th February 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Hi Lee and thanks for the question. Yes, if you would like to be subscribed to our licencne we have applied for you must live in Lancashire. The reason we have stipulated this is primarily to make the policing of Clubs much easier. The Home Office department that deals with licencing is called the Drugs and Firearms Licencing Unit (DFLU), with the firearms licensing being delegated to local police forces. We are using this as a model because it makes it easier to enforce regulations. If you are concerned their is no Club in your area then please be patient as we will be unveiling an Affiliate Program in the next few weeks to help other Clubs set up in other counties. You can sign up as an Affiliate Member now, we will be releasing details we will offer to Affiliate Members when they are able to join a Club in their own area. Hope this helps and thanks for your interest in PCC 🙂 PCC admin

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