Regulated Safe Legal

100% safe, 100% legal: PCC is the first company in the UK to apply to the Home Office for a controlled drugs licence for the possession of Cannabis for personal use. Under the provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the Home Secretary has a power to legalise the entire Cannabis Market. This is what PCC is attempted to force her to do. In a statement, the home secretary said the following regrading regulations:

“There is currently no regulation, law or policy in place that would prevent a licence being issued [to PCC]. The decision to grant licenses is entirely at the discretion of the Secretary of State for the Home Department”



As part of our application we have put forward, we are asking for an extensive list of self imposed regulations under which will operate our licence. One of the areas we a re most concerned with is abuse of the rights granted under the licence and this is why we have applied for the licence to ONLY cover our members for the consumption in private and NOT in public in any way.

All the products that will be abilable to our members will be supplied by CannaBliss®; our first Approved Licenced Supplier. CannaBliss® also operates under Home Office licence adn is working in partnership with a number of large companies to ensure that the product’s you buy conform to set standards laid down by the Home Office

As well as employing its own strict testing regime, CannaBliss® is also working with a number of firms to establish a UK Cannabis Market regulator authorized by the Home Office. At present, there is a National Cannabis Agency run by the Home Office and both CannaBliss® and ourselves would like to this this role passed to a statutory body that is separate from the Home Office

PCC does not advocate the use or sale of un-licenced Cannabis Products