PCC Dispensary

Inside the PCC Dispensary
The PCC Dispensary is owned and operated by CannaBliss®; our Approved Licenced Supplier (ALS).To gain access to the Dispensary you must be a subscribed Full Member of PCC. Once your application is approved you will be given a unique Membership ID Number that must be used for every purchase. Once your account is set up you will be given login details for the dispensary.Once you are given access to the PCC Dispensary, you will log in and make your purchases direct with CannaBliss®. A full record of every transaction is kept as part of the licencing conditions in order that both CannaBliss® and PCC can fully implement a harm reduction policy.
A Range of High Quality Cannabis Products
CannaBliss® is working in partnership with Dutch Passion® seeds of Holland. As a world leader in Cannabis genetics, Dutch Passion are the perfect partner to provide a range of Medical Cannabis Solutions for our members.

Preston-cannabis-club-medic al-cannabis-dispensary

The product range that is being developed by CannaBliss® will included dried herbal Cannabis, Cannabis Oil Tinctures, Cannabis Vape Cartridges and Medibles®; a range of Cannabis infused food products.

The range of products offered by CannaBliss® will be both high THC or high CBD. All culitvated and produced here in the UK!

The products available to our members will be produced under a comprehensive ISO Accredited process and tested by CannaBliss® own UKAS Accredited Lab facility. Each item will contain a QR code that enables anyone to track the life cycle of the product. The QR code will give customers access to online records of the testing and analysis of every product sold. CannaBliss® is setting new standards in the Cannabis market and we are happy that our members health and well being is paramount.

Please note that there are currently NO products offered for sale as both PCC and CannaBliss® are working through their licence applications. It has been absolutely necessary for us to establish the Club along side the first ALS in order to set the ball rolling. We remain 100% confident that we will be granted a licence with products being available to our members by the end of 2018

We believe that we have put together a model that is fully compliant with all regulations and secure enough that it is not open to abuse. Every order is manually checked against Club Members records to ensure the right amount is being dispensed to the right person.

All purchases are processed and packaged at CannaBliss® secure production facility and then delivered to the consumer by Royal Mail Special Delivery. In order to keep costs down, deliveries are expected to be no more than once a week on a Saturday before 13:00.

This ensure the risk of diversion is kept within manageable limits.

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