Preston Cannabis Club FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions is do we supply or can we put people in touch with illegal dealers. PCC does not condone breaking the law in any way and will decline to respond to any questions relating to the illegal supply of Cannabis

Q – When will Preston Cannabis Club make Cannabis available for its members?
A – We hope to have Cannabis Products available through our website very soon!!

Q – I live outside of Lancashire: will I be able to purchase Cannabis from the club?
A – No, not at this time. Under the terms of the proposed licence, we will be limited our Full Members to people residing in Lancashire.

Q – What are the benefits of a Affiliate Membership?
A – Affiliate Members will be entitled to all the benefits listed here

Q – What are the benefits of an Associate Membership?
A – Associate Members will be entitled to all the benefits listed here

Q – What are the benefits of Full Membership?
A – Full Members will becoming effective share holders of the Club. As a Full Member you will be a subscriber to our license and therefore fully entitled to purchase Cannabis Products to possess and consume for personal use; only if bought through the Clubs website. For more details click here

Q – Will Preston Cannabis Club sell Cannabis?
A – Technically, we will not sell cannabis. Through our website, your orders will be processed and delivered by an Approved License Supplier.

Q – Will PCC supply medical Cannabis?
A – PCC is unable to make any comment about the medical benefits of Cannabis.

Q – Where will PCC source its Cannabis from?
A – PCC will only purchase cannabis from Approved Licensed Suppliers.  PCC is currently working with Cannabliss Limited which will hopefully become the first Approved License Supplier.

Q – Can I grow my own Cannabis and sell it to other Club members?
A – If you are an Approved Licence Supplier we would certainly be interested in what products you can offer our members.

Q – Where will I collect the Cannabis from?
A – PCC is currently looking at facilities in the Preston area where it can retain possession of Cannabis on behalf of its members. All orders will me mail order at this time.

Q – How much will the Cannabis cost?
A – We expect the price of the products to be on par with current black market rates, with a price of £10/gram for premium quality, dried, female Cannabis flowers.

Q – Will I be able to sell the Cannabis that I obtain from the club?
A – No. Members are licensed only for the possession of Cannabis. To supply cannabis in any form would be a criminal offence.

Q – Do I need to have a criminal background check before I become a member?
A – No. Only PCC’s board members and security officers will require full DBS checks. The terms of our licence will require Full Members to provide us with proof of identity and proof of address. There are no restrictions under the current legislation for such a restriction and PCC does not seek to impose any itself.

Q – If I have a criminal record for Cannabis can I still become a licensed member?
A – Yes. There are currently no legal restriction on licensees in regards to previous convictions and PCC does note intend to impose any.

Q – How will I know what I am getting is real Cannabis?
A – All products will be supplied to the club by an Approved License Supplier and will come in clearly labeled, child proof containers with a detailed analysis of the Cannabinoid content.

Q – Will I be arrested if I am a member and I am caught smoking Cannabis in public?
A – In the UK, the Police do not have mandatory powers of arrest. Therefore, it is down to each Constable to exercise their discretion in each case. PCC’s terms state that members are only licensed for the consumption of Cannabis in private, (see terms and conditions), so smoking in public would be a breach of the license and would be considered a criminal offence.

Q – Can I become a member if I have a criminal record?
A – Yes. PCC does not discriminate against its members based on any criteria. There are currently no legal restrictions that prohibit a license for personal use due to a criminal history. However, the Home Office retains the right to refuse and revoke licenses at anytime.

Q – How can I start a Club in my area?
A – We are currently working with a number of interested parties with a view of providing a facility for other clubs to register for a licence.

Q – Is Preston Cannabis Club a member of UK Cannabis Social Clubs?
A – No. We have no affiliations or associations with any other groups; we are completely independent.