Preston Cannabis Club Legal Status

Regulated Safe Legal

PCC is the first legal Cannabis Club in the UK.

We are registered as a company at Companies House where are records are available for public inspection. As a none profit we make no money for share holders. Any money we make goes to help our members.

The aim of the Club is to apply for a Home Office licence so that our members have access to regulated legal supplies of Cannabis

Under the provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the Home Secretary has a power to legalise the entire Cannabis Market. This is what PCC is attempting to force him to do. In a statement, the home secretary said the following regrading regulations:

“There is currently no regulation, law or policy in place that would prevent a licence being issued [to PCC]. The decision to grant licenses is entirely at the discretion of the Secretary of State for the Home Department”


The Home Office has unrestricted power to issue Cannabis licences


In our application, we are asking for an extensive list of self imposed regulations. All members will be bound to these terms and could face prosecution if breached. One provision we want to see on our licence is Cannabis is only to be consumed in private.

All the products available to our members will be through and Approved Licenced Supplier. The ALS also operates under Home Office licence. None of our operations will be illegal as the whole process takes place under licence.

The terms of our licence will mean that members will lawfully be able to possess Cannabis for personal use. There is no need for a change in the law. The Home Office can start the process today as we have now seen!