Safe Data Retention based in Switzerland

Preston Cannabis Club is a company registered in the UK, governed by UK company law. We believe we are the first Cannabis Club in the UK to officially incorporate for the purpose of providing a Medical Cannabis Dispensary Facility to our members. Our business is registered with a Chartered Accountancy firm in compliance with UK money laundering laws.

The key ethos of our business is to provide a quality service to our members. We take security very seriously and this is why we chose to host our website not with the cheapest provider but with a company that could offer the highest level of security for the information we hold on our site.

It is for this reason that we chose to host our site is hosted in Switzerland with Hostpoint. Switzerland is renowned the world over for providing some of the best security options available for individuals and business. Hostpoint is a leading Swiss based web hosting service that provide us with secure date center services for the hosting and back up of our website. You can rest assured that your personal data is safe and free from spying.

Of course in this modern era of high-tech cyber crime we fall short of being able to offer a 100% guarantee but we believe by exercising due diligence we can guarantee that we have done all that is possible to retain safe custody of our members details.

PCC has a Data Protection and Retention Policy that will ensure that the Club and all its members details will remain safe, secure and private.