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Across the UK, many voices are now calling for the legalisation of Cannabis. In answer to that call, PCC has developed a unique model to give people access to regulated Cannabis products.

By using provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, we have applied to the Home Office for a licence for our Club and its Membership. If we are successful it will mean our members can buy Regulated Cannabis Products through our club.

PCC offers a licence administration service to our members. This means we will apply for and process a licence on your behalf.

Join today and become part of our licence application.

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Here are some of the benefits of becoming a full member


Pioneering access to regulated cannabis in the UK.


Regulated by the UK Home Office


ISO 9001 Compliant

Harm Reduction

Working in the community to reduce harm


A source for the latest news and up to date information


Get involved and help run your Club


Hosted in Switzerland


Exclusive Members Only discounted products

Vape Lounge

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Cannabis and Driving

Can I legally drive with Cannabis in my blood? Here in the UK it is now an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to have Cannabis in your blood whilst driving. Since 2015, Police Read more…

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What people have said

Gary Potter

Gary Potter

Lecturing Professor of Criminal Law

"I cannot see any legal reason why PCC should not be granted a licence for iys members. It is a unique approached that no one else has tried"

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

Leading UK law reform advocates

The genius of the scheme is that it uses the law exactly as it was intended

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Premium Quality Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizer for both Flower and Extracts

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Premium quality hooded jumper made with 80% cotton.

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